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Maxell is one of the leading brands in Singapore and guarantees the quality of their products. The Maxell products consist of different kinds of batteries from dry cell, rechargeable, alkaline, car alarm, photo and button cell batteries for watches and calculators. This brand includes rechargeable battery chargers, flashlights, and media products from CD and DVD recordable, rewritable, floppy disks, audio tapes, VHS tapes, and DV cassette tapes. It has also headphones, earphones, and storage device cards like micro, high standard, mini and standard SD cards for digital, video camera and cell phones.

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Novacell brand are from Gloso HK Industries Ltd. All products are under strict quality control and zero percent inferiority is obtained. The Novacell products consist of different kinds of batteries from dry cell, alkaline, rechargeable, air soft battery, car alarm, photo, and button cell battery. Most of the main products of this brand are industrial batteries use for repacking laptop batteries and other electronic equipments, lead acid batteries for universal power supply (UPS), emergency lamps, etc. cordless phone batteries, flashlights, flashlight bulbs, emergency lantern and battery, and battery chargers for rechargeable batteries.

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The other brand products are consists of Sanyo, Panasonic, Renata, GP Batteries, Enersys, Super, Winstar, Motorola, Seiko and Wink.

  • Sanyo products available are dry cell, photo, rechargeable, Eneloop batteries and chargers.
  • Panasonic products lithium photo battery and lead acid batteries for UPS (Uninterruptible power supplies), Emergency lighting, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Renata batteries are consists of watch, lithium, maratone hearing aid batteries, and battery tester.
  • GP Batteries are consists of cordless phone battery, alkaline car alarm and remote control battery.
  • Super products are consists of chargers, universal power supply, and universal socket.
  • Winstar products are consists of universal power supply, adaptors and chargers.
  • Motorola radio batteries available are GP-308, GP-328, and GP-3000, GP-88 / GP-300 low and high capacity.

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These are replacement laptop battery pack and adaptors that can be replace for your laptops unit in affordable and lower prices.

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These are replacement video camera and digital camera batteries that can be replace for your electronic units in affordable and lower prices.

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