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Maxell Batteries Philippines

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Our battery business in the Philippines started in the late 70’s. A small firm introduced and started selling Maxell watch batteries to traditional watch dealers. During that time, many obstacles such as brand unpopularity, fear of rejection by consumers, etc., were encountered and hurdled along the way. In mid 80’s, Maxell watch batteries became the consumers’ choice. After that, the rest is history.

In September 2003 a new business was established in the name of Filmaxel Inc. The company is dedicated to increase the distribution of Maxell products all over the country. Its main objective is to provide spare parts of watches and batteries in the Metropolis of Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Last August 2004, Gloso HK Industrial Ltd. a manufacturer of Novacell Rechargeable and Industrial Batteries, Novacell flashlights, and Novacell Chargers with head quarters based in Hong Kong awarded the exclusive Philippines’ distributorship which was once a small firm peddling watch batteries and accessories to watch dealers. Also on that period, wholesaling of alkaline and carbon zinc batteries started.

The company’s purpose is to further distribute Novacell products giving more focus to industrial and institutional needs. The company is being managed by highly trained and competent professionals. Now, it has a successful distribution all over the country and still continuing its mission and vision that is to give consumers products with outmost value, good customer service and equal opportunities to people by having profit from our products at the same time.